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National HVAC Tech Day is June 22nd!

When You Partner With a Family-Run Company Like Levco, You Are Treated like Family.


Though a variety of home heating and cooling techniques have existed since ancient times, central heating and air as we know it was born in the early 1900s. New inventions like the residential air conditioner and advances in older technologies have made it possible for Americans to sit back and relax in some pretty extreme weather conditions. Today, many of us take the comforts of central air conditioning for granted. But it’s the technicians who keep our HVAC systems running, day and night. If that’s not reason enough to show them a little love, here are a few more:

Extreme conditions are just another day at the office for an HVAC hero.

A few hours without AC or heat can be uncomfortable for sure, but imagine working in those conditions every single day! HVAC technicians tirelessly brave the sweltering heat of summer and the unbearable cold in the “dead of winter” to restore our comfort. They don’t call it the “life of winter” for a reason, folks.

They go everywhere you’d hate to be!

Do you like tiny crawl spaces and dusty old attics? Well, that’s where your friendly HVAC pro does most of their job. Depending on the age and condition of the building, your technician may find themselves deep into some serious cobwebs, dust, and even pests! Not to mention mold or mildew!

HVAC technicians can save you some $$!

Want your next HVAC system to maximize your energy savings? Your local HVAC expert can help you choose the right equipment for your home’s needs and your family’s heating and cooling habits. They can even recommend different thermostat options that range from set-it-and-forget-it to real-time temperature control through your smartphone! Read about the Nest Learning Thermostat.

Regular maintenance, provided by your trusted HVAC technician, helps keep your system running at peak efficiency. This prevents energy waste and minimizes wear and tear that can shorten the life of your HVAC investment.

They help you live greener!

Don’t forget that saving energy means saving the earth’s valuable resources. When an HVAC professional helps you select and maintain efficient heating and cooling systems, they’re also helping you reduce your carbon footprint. Woot woot!

Celebrate the day by showing appreciation to your HVAC technician. Use #NationalHVACTechDay when using social media.

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