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The Convenience of Automatic Oil Delivery

When You Partner With a Family-Run Company Like Levco, You Are Treated like Family.

Between work, caring for the kids, managing calendars and balancing numerous other priorities, homeowners are busy people! With Levco, you can check off at least one item on your list: Ordering Home Heating Oil. No more obsessively monitoring your oil tank, or remembering to schedule your next delivery, and you can definitely stop worrying about running out of oil. There is a better way! Sign up for automatic heating oil delivery; it’s that simple!

What is Automatic Delivery?

Automatic Delivery is the strategy of managing the fuel in a homeowner’s tank and scheduling for a fill up at the appropriate time. Above all, automatic delivery is the best way to make staying warm simple. Customers who sign up gain peace of mind, save money, and enjoy complete convenience.

How is my oil level monitored?

Levco uses a proprietary system to track your usage and calculate when your tank is getting low. This system is based on a handful of factors: Usage history, the size of your tanks, the type of equipment you have, your equipment’s operating efficiency, and the daily outdoor temperature. Based on these factors, we are able to schedule accordingly and make safe, timely, and cost effective deliveries to your home.

Does Automatic Delivery cost more?

Actually, it’s the opposite. Bringing an oil truck to only one home at a time can be an expensive trip for any oil provider. When deliveries can be made to other customers in the general vicinity, that cost is reduced. Automatic Delivery means planning an oil truck’s delivery rout in advance, making it more cost effective and better for the environment, too! This drives down operational costs and those savings get passed along to the customer. #CompetitivePricing

Automatic Fuel Oil delivery presents several benefits that give homeowners less to worry about. Still looking for an oil provider that’s right for you? Read: How to Choose an Oil Company.

To sign up with Levco or request a free quote, call (203) 533-8249 or fill out this form. And don’t forget to check us out on Facebook – Like our page and stay connected for important updates and HVAC tips for your home!

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