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Why is My AC Blowing Hot Air?

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There’s nothing worse than being let down by the miracle (science) of air conditioning you rely on to keep your home comfortable. We all know these things do happen – especially without regular maintenance. Not only is it important to have your condensers checked and air filters replaced, but it’s also best to know the reasons your air conditioner might not be doing its job before it stops working. This way you’ll know how to avoid the problem and when to call a professional. So, before you call in your local HVAC squad, let’s check the two places that could tell us why your AC is blowing hot air.


The Thermostat is Not Set to “Cool”
You’d think, this is a no-brainer. But you’d be wrong. You have a lot on your mind and this one is easily overlooked! Before calling a pro, take a look to make sure you have done this… Go ahead, double-check your thermostat – I’ll be here when you get back. Chances are, your thermostat was set to cool, but you’re still experiencing hot air instead of cool. So let’s move outside.


The Disconnect Switch is Off
Each of your appliances, indoors and outdoors, is required to have a disconnect switch located next to it. It’s possible this was turned off accidentally. Give it a quick check. It’s looking good? Then let’s move on.

Capacitor Failure
If this component were to fail, most likely, your air handler inside the home turns on but it’s blowing warm air. That’s because the capacitor isn’t powering the compressor to push refrigerant through the system. This is another issue that calls for a professional.

Dirty Coil
When your thermostat is on cool but the AC is blowing warm air, you might just have a dirty coil (most likely from a dirty air filter). There are two AC coils, one in your outdoor unit and one in your indoor unit. They can get dirty if you don’t have your HVAC system serviced on a regular basis. You can change the filter, but you’ll need a professional to clean the coil.

Low on Refrigerant
Every air conditioner needs proper refrigerant and this is usually the culprit when your AC is blowing hot air. So, you might just need your friendly HVAC technician to come out and replenish your system. If a leak is suspected, the technician can perform a visual inspection of your equipment to determine the proper course of action.

So, how can you take charge and reduce the odds that you’ll need emergency service? Read up on how you can maintain your system at home, and remember to have your maintenance done in the spring. Need a reminder? Join our family of customers who follow Levco on Facebook to receive useful tips and reminders, as well as promotions and weather alerts.

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