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Propane Safety Tips for Winter

When You Partner With a Family-Run Company Like Levco, You Are Treated like Family.

Whether you use propane to heat your home or only to power certain appliances, it is important to understand how propane operates and its safety instructions. Keeping you informed and your family safe is Levco’s number one priority! Check out our propane safety tips for winter below:

One of the most basic propane safety tips for winter, is to make sure you have an adequate propane supply.

It sounds so simple, but many people forget to check their gauge or aren’t aware of how much propane their appliances actually use. It’s best to sign up for automatic delivery. Then you won’t have to worry about checking the gauge yourself, running out or needing a delivery when local snow-covered roads are inaccessible. Propane providers, like Levco, use a remote gauge monitor that can be installed on your tank to track your usage on a daily basis. Automatic delivery offers you peace of mind on even the coldest days of the season.

Mark the location of your tank with a pole or stake.

It should be higher than the average snow cover depth for your area. Make sure they are highly visible and planted firmly. These markers will help avoid plowing or shoveling snow on top of your tank. It also helps your propane provider make efficient deliveries to your home.

Keep your propane tank uncovered and free of snow.

Keeping your tank accessible helps propane providers find your tank easily. It also helps you check your tank gauge if needed.

Make sure your heating system and propane appliances are running efficiently.

Have a qualified service technician inspect and service your appliances and propane system regularly. This will also help conserve fuel and save money!

Check your chimneys, flue pipes, vent connectors and propane tank.

You are checking for damage, blockage or debris caused by snow or ice. Use a broom, rather than a shovel, to clear these areas frequently. This helps reduce the possibility of carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning due to blockage.

Consider installing UL-listed propane gas detectors and CO detectors.

These detectors provide an additional measure of security. But be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for installation, location and maintenance.

Never use outdoor propane appliances indoors or in an enclosed area.

This is particularly important in the event of a power outage. Proper ventilation is critical for safe operation of these appliances and the CO fumes emitted can be lethal. Only use appliances indoors that are designed and approved for indoor use. Never store, place, or use a propane cylinder indoors or in enclosed areas.

After a storm

When it is safe to do so, check the area for downed power lines, damage to gas lines or damage to your propane tank. If you find anything, shut off your propane tank and immediately call your local utility company or propane supplier. Do not attempt repairs yourself!

Choose Levco For Your Propane Needs!

Levco offers propane tank installation, tank monitoring, and the automatic delivery of propane to residential homes in Fairfield County, CT. Contact us today to find out why thousands of customers have trusted our family and team of experts to keep their tanks filled and their homes warm since 1980.

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