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AC Repairs you can DIY

When You Partner With a Family-Run Company Like Levco, You Are Treated like Family.

Most of the time, it is advised that you hire a certified technician to maintain your air conditioning equipment. However, there are a few things you can DIY when it comes to your air conditioning system.

At the first signs of warmer weather, you’ll want to test your air conditioning to make sure it works properly. This makes sense so that in case there is an issue that requires service, you can get it taken care of before it gets warm enough to need the AC. So, before you flip the thermostat switch to “cool”, you’ll need to perform some DIY maintenance on the condenser unit outside your home.

Spring Cleaning

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First, remove any leaves, dirt, and weeds – leaving a two-foot clearing around the entire condenser. You may have to cut back branches and vegetation to make sure you’ve done this correctly. If there is anything too close to the condenser, it could block the air flow to the unit and cause serious problems. #NoThankyou

Next, how clean is your condenser? If it’s full of dust or dirt, you can spray it with your garden hose. But be sure not to spray directly into the electrical components. You do not want to force water into these parts. (Electricity + water = bad news)

While inspecting your condenser, you may notice holes or bent pieces in the fins (the thin crimped sheets of metal that make up the exterior of the condenser). While there is a special tool you can buy to fix this, I would not recommend performing this repair yourself. This is an example of a job you’d want your HVAC technician to do.


Is your condenser level? Over time, the pad your condenser sits on can begin to tip as the soil beneath it settles. When this is apparent, the life expectancy of the compressor inside the unit is reduced. If you determine the level needs adjusting, use rot-resistant shims to set the level.

Testing 1, 2, 3…

Now that your condenser is clean – you’ve trimmed the bushes and raked the leaves – you can head inside to flip the switch to cool. DO THIS IN THE MORNING (sometime before 10AM). Close the windows in your house and set your thermostat to the desired temperature. Around 4PM, walk through the house noticing the temperature in each room. If your comfort level is not consistent with the temperature you set, there’s no need to worry, you’ve done your job as a homeowner. DO NOT DIY ANY FURTHER. It’s time to call your local HVAC company.

  • Everything operating OK but the airflow seems weak? Check the filter in your air handler. If it’s clogged or dirty, you might just need to replace it. Read more about the importance of air filters here.
  • Not sure what type is right for you? Read about the different types of air filters here.
  • Not a fan of DIY? Click here to schedule an AC Spring Check.
  • Not sure if you need a Spring Check? Learn more about it here.

Caring for your home’s HVAC equipment can be a challenge if you don’t have the right people on your side. When you partner with a company like Levco, you no longer have to sweat the details. Levco is the premier provider of Heating & Cooling service as well as fuel oil delivery in Fairfield County, CT. Since 1980, Levco has been family owned and operated, offering the highest quality service to thousands of homeowners. We have made it our mission: “To solve problems for our customers, often before they even know they have them.” You can lean on us!

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Levco is the premier provider of heating & cooling service as well as fuel oil and propane delivery in Fairfield County, CT.

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