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Preparing For and Protecting Your Propane Delivery

When You Partner With a Family-Run Company Like Levco, You Are Treated like Family.

Think there is nothing you need to do to prepare for your propane delivery? Think again. Your role is as important as that of the delivery driver.

Winter is just getting started and though the Northeast hasn’t seen much snow and bitter cold temperatures yet, it’s a safe bet they are coming. No doubt when they do, your household fuel needs will increase. And that means more frequent propane deliveries. Things like ice, snow, extreme cold can make it harder for suppliers, like Levco, to ensure you have a full tank in a safe and timely manner. Unless you do your part.

Preparing for your Propane Delivery

Here are a few steps you can take to help us get to your propane valve successfully, efficiently, and most of all, safely.

  1. Leave gates open. Do you have a gate that a delivery driver needs to pass through to reach your propane tank? The gate should be unlocked, or someone should be home to grant access.
  2. Keep pets under control. We want to deliver your propane safely for both our drivers and your pets. Please be sure your pets are secure on delivery day.
  3. Shovel your driveway. Your driveway is often the best access point for the truck’s hose to reach your tank and fill valve. Therefore, make sure the driveway has been cleared of snow and ice. In the interest of safety, for your property, personnel and the truck, delivery drivers are trained to pass by dangerous locations. Remember that propane trucks are wider than a car and even an SUV. They are approximately 10-feet-wide by 30-feet-long, which is how much space that should be cleared.
  4. Apply salt to paths and driveways. Throw some salt down to de-ice the area. This will decrease the risk of skidding and slipping for the delivery vehicle and the driver.
  5. Clear a path to your propane fill valve. Branches, overgrown plants, and snow can block the path to your propane tank. This makes filling it difficult. Remember, the truck driver’s job is to deliver your propane, not to clear pathways. If your fill pipe is not accessible, the driver may not be able to make the delivery.
  6. Mark your fill valve. Place a flag near the fill valve. Make sure that it is tall enough to be seen in deep snow. Not only does this help drivers clearly see the location of the tank if it is snow covered, but also helps you determine where to clear a path to the tank.

OK, so you’ve done your part to make your propane delivery go smoothly and safely. But once your fuel has been delivered, will the cold and snow affect the propane itself?

Protect Your Propane and Tank in the Cold

Like most of us with aboveground propane tanks, you may be wondering if the propane inside can freeze when the temperature plummets.

The freezing point of propane is -306.4°F degrees Fahrenheit. But to put things in perspective, the coldest temperature ever recorded in Connecticut is minus 32 degrees Fahrenheit. In fact, the coldest temperature on record anywhere on Earth is -128.6 degrees Fahrenheit, recorded on July 21, 1983, at the high-altitude weather station of Vostok, Antarctica. As a matter of fact, for your propane to freeze, you would have to be living as far out in the Solar System as the planet Uranus, where temperatures dip as low as minus 370 degrees Fahrenheit! (And if you do, it might be hard to find a propane delivery company!) So there isn’t much reason to be concerned about your propane freezing.

But very cold temperatures can still affect the propane in your tank. Propane contracts when it’s cold. When it’s extremely cold outside, the volume of propane inside your aboveground propane tank will shrink, which creates a loss of pressure. The problem is, if the pressure becomes too low, the propane inside your tank will not be able to reach your gas burner. That means you may not be able to run your propane appliances, including your furnace or boiler.

So follow these additional steps to protect your fuel and tank in the cold weather.

  1. Keep your propane tank at least 30% full. the more propane in your tank, the more positive pressure there is. If you are among the few that still call for each delivery, keep an eye on your tank gauge. If the level falls below 30%, call to schedule your delivery soon. Better yet, sign up for automatic delivery with companies like Levco to greatly decrease the risk of running low on propane.
  2. Don’t let snow build up on your propane tank. Clear away as much as possible so sunlight can reach your tank and keep it warmer.

Why Choose Levco for Your Propane Deliveries?

Winters in the Northeast can be cold and unforgiving. But selecting a reputable propane supplier doesn’t have to leave you shivering. Levco is the leader in helping customers understand the uses of propane and to adhere to industry standards for the safe LP-Gas storage, handling, transportation, delivery and use of propane. Give us a call at (203) 533-8249 or contact us today! Let us help keep your home and your family warm, even when the weather is anything but.

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