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AutoPay at Levco – how do you benefit?

When You Partner With a Family-Run Company Like Levco, You Are Treated like Family.

Avoid paying a bill late or forgetting to pay it completely with an AutoPay plan.  Levco exclusively uses an AutoPay by credit card (American Express, MasterCard, or Visa) plan for our customers. This allows us to keep our prices competitive and instead of focusing on collecting payments we can focus you, the customer, and your heating and cooling needs.

So just how do you benefit from AutoPay?

Convenience – Setting up your bills to be paid automatically relieves the pressure of keeping track of what needs to be paid and when. Once an automatic payment plan is established, your bank or credit card handles the rest. First you receive notice of when an invoice has been posted to your account. Then a receipt of when the payment has been made.

Rewards – Many of us have credit cards that offer travel rewards such as hotel or airline miles. Paying for your oil deliveries, service plan, and any necessary heating or AC service calls can generate hundreds of points over the year. This means you can stay warm, keep your heating equipment at peak proficiency, and perhaps take a vacation as well! Still, other cards offer cash rewards programs, giving you cash back just for paying your energy bills. Don’t have a great credit card for rewards, check out some of these offers on NerdWallet.

Environmental – By eliminating paper bills (call today to set up paperless billing) and check-writing, you reduce your impact on the environment. Not only do you save paper and trees, but you eliminate the carbon footprint left by snail mail. Plus, you don’t have to buy and keep on-hand a constant supply of stamps.

Credit Score – When your bills are being paid automatically you don’t have to worry about missing a payment. Missing payments can negatively affect your credit score. But when credit scoring agencies see that your bills are always paid on time, they will raise your score.

Less Chance of Identity Theft – Reduce your risk of identity theft by not mailing in checks containing an account number. There are minimal risks when paying online, but the security surrounding these payments is typically far greater than the security offered by an unlocked mailbox.

Avoid late fees – Once you set up automatic payments, they will occur on a scheduled basis. As long as you maintain a valid card on file your payments will never be late again, thereby saving you money.

With Levco’s AutoPay plan, and Paperless Billing your making your life more convenient, getting rewards for your next tropical vacation, and doing your part to help save the environment. Give us a call anytime to speak with a customer service rep about your account. You can Lean on Us: The Levco Difference.

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