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Monthly HVAC Maintenance Guide — January

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Your heating and cooling systems require regular maintenance to keep them running properly. A few monthly maintenance tasks can go a long way to improve your HVAC system’s efficiency and performance. Here are some tips of what you should inspect, clean, schedule, and set for the month of January:

1. Anti-Gelling Additive – If you have outdoor oil storage tanks exposed to the weather, ask your oil provider to add an anti-gelling additive to the tank each time. Reducing the gel point during extremely cold weather can be the difference between frozen oil lines resulting in no heat or the oil in your tank flowing to the burner as smoothly as it usually does.

2. Oil Tank Vent and Fill  – Trim back bushes and obstructions in the areas near the oil tank vent and fill. In the event of a snow storm shoveling a path for the delivery driver decreases the likelihood of a safety incident.

3. Thermostats – If you have programmable thermostats, winter is a great time to turn down the heat in areas of the home that have less traffic or when you are not home. If you have been meaning to upgrade your old fashioned thermostats programmable thermostats are a great way to preset different schedules each day while you are away from the house. Read more about: Thermostat Upgrades: Meet the Nest Learning Thermostat to learn more and help save energy at home.

4. Heating Equipment Safety – Keep the area surrounding your heating equipment clear. Never store items directly by the furnace or boiler, especially flammable or combustible material such as rags, wood, gasoline, paint, solvent, and cleaners.

Need assistance with any of the above maintenance tasks? Give Levco a call to speak with a friendly, knowledgeable team member to help answer any questions or schedule a time we can come visit. You can also get a free quote by filling out this form.

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