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3 Reasons Your Air Filters Get Dirty So Quickly

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Your air conditioning’s filter continues to get dirty, limiting airflow, causing your system to run inefficiently, and requiring you to continually change it more often than you should have to. Worst of all you can’t figure out why. It could be a number of things including:

Air Conditioning’s fan may be set to “ON”

Problem: Your thermostat has two settings for the fan, “Auto” and “On”. When set to “ON” the fan will run 24/7, constantly circulating air over the air filter. This means the filter is constantly catching airborne contaminants, causing it to quickly get dirty.
Solution: Check your thermostat to make sure the fan is set to “Auto.” This will ensure that the fan should only run when your system is heating or cooling the air. This can also decrease the chances of unwanted dust and dirt clogging up your system.

Leaking Air Ducts

Problem: Leaks located in return ducts can pull unwanted dust and dirt from unconditioned spaces like an attic or basement. Older ductwork can leak upwards of 30% of the air traveling through it. Resulting in higher utility bills and trouble keeping the home comfortable.
Solution: Contact a local HVAC contractor to seal the leaks.


Problem: Shedding dogs and cats leave behind large amounts of hair that find its way into your heating and cooling system, clogging up and disrupting the airflow in your house.
Solution: If you have a pet, you know that stray pet hairs are nearly impossible to avoid, especially if they happen to shed often. Brush your pet regularly and throw out the shedding hair into the garbage. If you have an animal that has shedding that can’t be helped by a brush, consider optimizing your cooling system to enhance the ability of your air filtration.

Changing air filters regularly is an important part of managing your home’s air quality and the efficiency of your system. Understanding some of the reasons your filters clog up faster than your neighbor’s, can help you improve your system’s performance. Preventative maintenance protocols can extend the lifetime of your condenser units.

Partner with a trusted local HVAC company like Levco, that can assist you with your cooling services. We can assess your individual situation, provide professional recommendations, and take the first step toward your system operating at its peak.

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