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Winter Heating Oil Delivery Tips

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For homes that use heating oil to stay warm and cozy, safe and timely deliveries are absolutely necessary. Even though this winter has so far been a mild one, we all know those snow and ice storms could come at any moment. And when they do, Levco recommends a few winter heating oil delivery tips to make sure your home is safe and accessible for deliveries.

Make Sure Your Location Is Visible

As your next oil delivery approaches, it’s important that your heating oil delivery company can easily find your home. Ensure your house number is displayed clearly so that the driver can spot it right away. If the house number is not visible, your delivery could be postponed until the residence is easier to identify.

A Snow and Ice Free Driveway

It’s no easy task backing an oil truck into a residential driveway. Should a driver feel it is too dangerous to enter the property due to an unsafe driveway with snow or ice, he will have no choice but to pass by and try again the next day. Snow and ice are easiest to clear away right after a storm. When you let it sit for a few days it becomes more difficult to move. If your driveway is too big to shovel, contact a local plow company to ensure your driveway is safe for deliveries.

Clear Access to Oil Fill Pipe

The delivery driver needs direct access to your home’s oil fill pipe and it’s important for him or her to be able to do the job safely.  The fill hose is large and heavy, and if your walkways are covered in snow and ice, it creates an unsafe condition. If drivers identify significant hazards on the premises, deliveries will have to be rescheduled. Levco drivers do what it takes to deliver the oil our customers need, but nobody wants to get hurt. So do your best to shovel your driveway and clear any snowbanks between the driveway or street and your fill pipe. Remember to treat walkways for ice as well.

Be Sure Gates are Open and Pets are Kept Inside

Even if you have taken care of everything suggested above, you still need to make sure your home is accessible. A gated home’s access point should be left open if no one will be home at the time of delivery. Without access, your heating oil delivery will have to be rescheduled, increasing the risk of your tank running out.

Do not leave pets outside when the delivery driver is expected. You may be confident that Fido is friendly, but the driver doesn’t know that. Your pet’s safety is also very important. Keeping them inside ensures they don’t decide to see whether he or the oil truck is the alpha dog!

Levco provides safe and timely heating oil deliveries to thousands of homeowners throughout Fairfield County, CT. Our customers trust Levco’s expertise, reliability and unwavering dedication to safety. See The Levco Difference. 

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